Adon is our smooth olive oil. The subtlety comes from removing the pit before oil extraction. It's mild pleasure. You can choose between:

Acidity level below 0.8%.
Comes in 500 ML bottles and 10 or 16 liters tanks for HORECA (hotels, restaurants and cafés) or house use.
We deliver the smoothness of Adon extra virgin olive oil straight to your door in stainless steel tanks to both households and HORECA. You can enjoy the unsurpassed quality of our olive oil for much longer in packaging that is extremely convenient. Our tanks have a special tap that makes refilling dispensers with olive oil a breeze while minimizing oxidation by air. It also guarantees hygiene and high quality standards. We offer reliable follow up tailored to each client’s needs and preferences.
  • Household tanks come in 10L
  • HORECA tanks come in 30L
  • Both can be directly delivered to your premises upon request (conditions apply*)
* A first time deposit will be paid for the tank. This will be reimbursed when the stainless steel tank is returned in the same condition it was delivered in initially.
Given the fine attention to detail during harvest, it comes as no surprise that the cold pressing process adopted at Adon & Myrrh uses top-notch Italian machinery and superior methods.